Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Double Time

One baby at a time has been plenty for me to handle, so I cannot imagine what parents of twins do, especially that first year! I came across this packaging, though, and thought it was such a clever way of catering to parents of twins. Not only does it look great, but because the drawers slide out, these would stack up so well in a closet.

Below is a brief description from the design firm:

TOT-a-LOT is a brand dedicated to design clothes for twins. After designing the brand, we devised a packaging that conveys the idea of twins and also thought to be reused in the form of drawers for clothes. Having two babies at the same time takes effort and money. TOT-a-LOT is very responsible with the environment so all materials and inks used in their clothes are eco-friendly, so we designed a simple but impressive packaging focusing on the tone of voice of the brand. Did not need anything else to do it so appealing. The boxes are personalized with the names of babies and parents can begin putting their first clothes each in its corresponding drawer.

A Matchbox with dividers + clever wording + bold type = well thought out perfection.

[Spotted on the Lovely Package]

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