Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Head of the Crew

Miss Mags and I made a trip to see the fam and some friends this week, and the other night, my dad brought home the WSJ. magazine from the Wall Street Journal. He thought my sister and I would want to read it because there was "a big article on J. Crew." Can you can tell he's the father of three girls and has paid more than a few J. Crew bills?

I'm so glad he did save it for us because I really enjoyed it. The article is more specifically about Mickey Drexler, the current CEO of the company, who has been known to play Come On Eileen over the intercom, and rides his bike and rings the bell through the office. Sounds like my kind of work environment! Not that it's all fun and games -- he has high standards -- but he seems to balance personality and professionalism well, fostering an environment of both creative, unconventional thinking and top quality work.

I was actually just in J.Crew the other day, thinking about how much I like it now. There were a few years there in between my college years and now when it bored me a little bit. Not anymore. The patterns, textures, layering -- I love it all. What do I wish were currently in my wardrobe? Glad you asked...

[Cotton Hammock Dress; Ruffled Placket Cardigan; Jericho Tote; Single Chained Mesh Bracelet; Metallic Astria Sandals; Lemlem Nika Wrap]

[Read the full article here]

1 comment:

the dowiaks said...

nice choices, but i just can't get into those thong sandals. maybe i haven't tried them on enough. or maybe they are just too sophisticated for this flip-flopper mom. :)

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