Friday, August 27, 2010

CPH // My Top Three

Here it is, my top 3 experiences in Copenhagen:

1. KONGENS HAVE [The King's Gardens]

We were fortunate enough to have some nice weather while we were in town, so we spent most of our time outside [which is excellent when you are traveling with a 10 month old; museum hopping isn't really her thing;)]. My favorite spot [we actually went twice because I liked it so much] was these gardens. They are beautiful, and reminded me of a mixture of London and Paris. There are sculptures everywhere including in the playground area.

2. NYHAVN CANAL // Boat Tour

Nyhavn Canal is glorious. We decided to see the city from the water, so hopped on the Netto boat tour [only 30 Kroner/person, which is about $5]. I can't remember what all these buildings are, but they are beautiful nonetheless...

From the water we could see national landmarks like the Amalienborg Palace and the new Opera House [below]. We would have seen the iconic Little Mermaid, but she is in Shanghai at the moment. How they managed to get her over there I haven't a clue.

Even if you don't take a boat tour, definitely make your way over to the canal. Charming architecture, cafe-lined streets, street musicians, wooden boats -- a must see. We had lunch and fed the pigeons after our tour, the latter being the most entertaining for our littlest traveler.


We ate lunch here, and I have to say it was one of the most interesting lunches I've ever had. They serve a speciality called Smushi, which is supposed to be a mix of the Danish open-faced sandwich and sushi. It's definitely in a category all it's own!

The middle one that we ordered was described as having "an exciting topping." Oooooo -- let's try it! When it came out, my sister and I looked at each other like what is that, and what are we supposed to do with it? Turns out, the exciting topping was a quail egg that you were supposed to drizzle all over the top. We ended up passing on the drizzle, but the presentation was spectacular.

I also ordered Black Tea from India. Not only did it taste delicious, but it was served in an equally delicious cup:

Another delicious thing about the cafe? Gold painted high chairs. Maggie liked them too.

Those are my top 3, but truly, Copenhagen is the kind of place you can just set off in with no agenda and have a ball. Needless to say, it was hard to come back, and hop straight into the first day of school!

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Man, your camera takes awesome pics!

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