Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recycled Tarps for Original Thoughts

That's the tagline for the new notebook by Freitag. It's made out of recycled truck tarpaulin, and features include:

-- a Pentel 205 pencil
-- three bookmarks
-- biodegradable ATOMA binding system

-- Insert features 68 assorted pages with different colors, lineations and functions.

I wonder if our kids will ever use pen and paper planners. Or if they will be so used to using the computer for everything that it will just come naturally for them to use electronic planners. It doesn't come naturally for me. Something about physically writing things down helps me organize my life and remember things. And paper. Oh, paper. Which do you prefer?

[Find out more here; via Moco Loco]

1 comment:

Taylor W said...

Tarps are great for camping...

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