Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CPH // The Streets

The streets. That is what I miss about living in a big city. There is so much going on. You don't need a plan or a destination, you can just start walking and things are happening all around you. And it doesn't hurt when the streets are lined with stunning, centuries-old architecture.

One of the main things I loved about the streets of Copenhagen was the omnipresence of bikes. You know those cargo bikes I like to go on about? They are everywhere, like no big deal, doesn't everyone have one of these? Even the post-people use them to deliver the mail:

And then there are the shop windows. You can be walking down some random side street and just happen upon beauties like these:

And side alleyways with delicious lighting:

And cobblestone everywhere:

[When we got back to shorts weather, I saw some little bruises on her knees! She didn't seem to notice at the time.]

I love the feeling of not knowing what could be right around the corner, hiding tucked away in some back side street. Like this restaurant we found: Magstraede 16. We had the best dinner here, out on the sidewalk eating thin crust pizza and drinking Chianti. By far one of my favorite dinners.

And as an American who has to keep constant tabs on her kids lest someone run off with them, it was so surprising to walk past stores and see sleeping babies in their carriages alone. No parent in sight. Because why would someone take a sleeping baby? Excellent question.

[The mom on the right came out right as I was taking the picture. When we walked up there were three sleeping babies without a parent in sight! Makes me wonder why the States are so different in that respect. Why can't we trust that no one would take our babies? Frustrating to say the least.]

Just writing about this makes me miss it. Sigh. I'll be back with my top 3 favorite Copenhagen experiences! And I'm thinking about writing up some "overseas travel with a baby" tips. We learned so much that might be helpful to others making travel plans!

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