Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Collection a Day: The Book

You know the wildly popular blog A Collection a Day? If no, I'll fill you in: Lisa Congdon started it last January, and for every day of 2010 there was a new little collection of something: stamps, labels, tags, erasers, vintage flash cards, etc. Sometimes the collections were drawn and imagined; others were real objects.

Well now, it's being published as a book by Uppercase! And it doesn't look like any old ordinary book, either. A real stunner this one.

Pictures of the book at press are on the Uppercase blog today, too. Personally I can't get enough of the whole printing process, and find these behind the scenes peaks fascinating.

A Collection a Day will be available this Spring; pre-order here. And did I mention it comes in a collector's tin? Yes sirey Mr. Bob -- it does!

[Top images from A Collection a Day; bottom two images from Uppercase]

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Anna Louise said...

I'll show you a collection a day . . .

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