Friday, March 11, 2011

Tote Slinging

I'm going to give you something deep to ponder over the weekend. Which one of these totes should I buy?

I like the fabric of the tote with the rockin' studded handles, but the fact that said handles snap on and off makes me a little nervous. You see, I often find myself having to sling my bag quickly over my shoulder to perform various, time-sensitive acts, such as grabbing a 17-month-old before she dives head first into the street, or catching a molded clay alligator that has slipped from the hands of a 6-yr-old and is headed toward destruction on the pavement. Always at the ready, I am. So even though I'd prefer the other fabric, the double metal chain handles would probably win in the tote slinging competition.

I wonder if customer service has ever received an inquiry about just how snappy their snaps are?

[Both totes by Fabric & Handle; Left is $39, Right is $69]


Anna Louise said...

I like the one on the left better, but I think that the one on the right would be easier to quickly shove stuff in and throw over your shoulder on a daily basis . . . it all goes back to the inevitable question: form or function? said...

Your mother likes the one on the right for all reasons but price! Not only will it not snap off of you; but it is in the new spring/summer fashion color of the year!
Love you

alston said...

bird, i'm so proud of you for finding my blog!

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