Monday, October 10, 2011

M's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a small get together to celebrate M's birthday two weekends ago. Since she's our only child who hasn't lived in a big city, I decided to have a city party for her. We built a little city house complete with graffiti on the side walls.

For the favors, I found these little taxis in the clearance section of Target after last Easter. They are kind of what started the whole theme. And no party table is complete without a pair of stuffed nunchucks.

For the invitations, I wanted something distinctly Boston since that's where we had lived, so M took over the famous Citgo sign with her sweet smiling face.

We had brunch and a donut cake that she wasn't so happy about at first.

And she was still super serious while we were opening presents...

...until she opened up a dress. Her first outfit was tossed to the side, and with the new dress came a liking of donuts. Happy times are here again!

And by the end of the party, she was down to her diaper cover.

Which I guess is how most good parties should end, right?!

PS: See those blue chairs? That look a little worse for wear? They are now on their way to Atlanta to be recovered -- I cannot wait!!


Anna Louise said...

Everything was so cute, T!

MAURICE and KING said...

These pics are just too gorgeous! I love the transition from to sad to happy to new dress to no dress. Love your blog. Great to find you! Kate x (Little & Brave)

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