Thursday, June 18, 2009

Light Fantastic

Remember all those decisions I was talking about? Lighting has been a big one. To me, ceiling lights are one of those things that you don't really notice at first glance unless it is really hideous or really spectacular. But, since we are having the entire house rewired, I've got to think about every socket. My brain is officially light-decisioned out. We put fans in 3 rooms, and for the others I found things at Ikea, Crate and Barrel and in 2 cases we are using what was there [it needed a little nod to the 60's!]. Here's what is in the former Dining Room, soon to be office:

One of it's finest features -- a retractable cord! --

We probably would've never discovered that feature if it hadn't been for our electrician -- how often do you yank on a chandelier?! I stumbled on a mid-century lighting gallery over at Retro Renovation, and saw this similar beauty:

Now if only I could get ours to shine like that one!

All that's left is the bathroom vanity lights. Since we are doing so much work on the bones of the house [wiring, plumbing, h-vac, windows - to name a few] we are on a bit of a budget, so I'm looking for steals! If the placement would've work, I would've snapped up a pair of these puppies in a second:

[George Kovacs single scone, regularly $150, on sale for $29.97!]

Anyone have any tips for buying bathroom lighting?


50s Pam said...

I have the exact same light as you! I identified it here in this post:

Josée Fonseca said...

I have this light in my dining room along with a number of other smaller similar fixtures around the house. I do not know how to raise it up, if the mechanism isn't working or if I am meant to be doing something. Do you just push/pull it to change height?

alston said...

Hi Josee -- As far as I know, you just pull it up and down -- at least that's what we have been doing! I'm not that familiar with it yet, though, so if i figure something else out, i'll be sure to let you know...

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