Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Window Shopping

We are replacing all the windows in our house, and have changed our minds about the style more than a few times. It's tricky these windows, partly because our house is a mix between traditional and modern, and because it's a big decision, so we don't want to mess it up. The style of the house is not that 60's California cool with the big windows, which I love, but it's also not the traditional Georgia ranch. We took some tape over there and put up the different style grids, and have finally [I think!] decided on one. I came up with one solution for some "squat" window shapes on the side of the house that I am excited about. Hopefully, it will turn out as good as I'm imagining! It will be a while before we have the "after" pictures, so in the meantime, here are some inspiring window pictures...

1 comment:

the dowiaks said...

i like! i like the overall concept of the windows. where is that third pic from? i think i like those the best. what does "squat" windows mean?

p.s. did you get mail from me at your new place???

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