Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mix + Match Chairs

We have an enormous dining room table for the new place [it's beautiful dark walnut], and sadly, PB doesn't make the white Morrow chairs that we have been using anymore. I love these chairs. They are perfect for a family with small kids -- inexpensive, easy to clean, look simple and sleek. So, I want to keep them around, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a little mix-n-match. In keeping with the small kid-friendly theme, as well as the same modern look, I'm leaning toward these Eames molded plastic side chairs.

It's so hard to imagine what they would look like mixed in together, but I figure if I buy something that I love and mix it with something else that I love, it can't be too bad, right?!

It looks like they have the Morrow barstools on sale, so I wonder if those are on the way out as well -- I'm thinking I should get some for a kitchen bar before they are gone...

What do you think about a little mix-n-match?


Shannon Morrison said...

Send me a pic of what the old chairs look like and I'll see if they have any at the WS/PB outlet! But I love mix/match too. All of the dining rooms I've seen lately have a bench on one side, two chairs on the other and two different chairs at the head and foot of the table.

Can you do a post on ceiling fans? It's impossible to find pictures of them in design mags because designers hate them but you just have to have them here. You would think with all of the green design they would come back in fashion! (or make their first appearance I guess)

Kit said...

Totally do it, Alston! I love the mix and match look.

the dowiaks said...

can you tell i haven't been over to your blog lately? i'm commenting on everything. i love all these posts b/c i'm decorating my house too! i'll send you an email on it.

anyway...i like the mix-n-match idea too! i've been thinking about our future dining room table (i'd LOVE to seat 8 people around a table. right now it's squeeze to fit 6.) and i like shannon's idea of mix/match with the bench, two chairs on the other side and two different chairs at the head and foot of the table.

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