Friday, September 17, 2010

Eating Out

Howdy! The blog as taken a little hit this week as I'm finishing up new holiday designs [which will be on the site soon!], but I do have a question for all you peeps out there with small kids [of the toddler set]: Do you ever eat out? And if that answer is "yes" what are your tricks for keeping them occupied and happy?

My boys [who are 6 and 4 for those of you who are new around here] are great. They can sit relatively still and it's easy to occupy them with games, coloring books, etc. I just saw these ideas from lmnop magazine that I thought were pretty rad, too:

But it's the littlest one [11 months] that has the hard time, and I can't remember what we did when the boys were that age aside from finding restaurants that are loud; eating early to avoid interrupting someone else's romantic dinner; bringing lots of snacks [but this doesn't work so well with her -- she just throws them on the floor, which makes me feel even worse for the poor server. BIG TIPS is all I gotta say!]. Anyway, we don't eat out that often, but I was just curious if any of you had a magic trick you wanted to share!

Happy eating out for us, just smoked meat and football!

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