Friday, September 10, 2010

Keep in Touch

I just spotted two ways to keep in touch that are as easy as sending an email, but way more fun and beautiful: 1. a telegram [seriously!] and 2. a Cartogram.

Telegram Stop will send your recipient a traditional telegram; all you have to do is type your message on their website, preview it, then pay and it's sent. All for only $5.65, which is about the same price as a nice greeting card.

Cartolina's new app prettys up your messages, and also keeps track of dates for you. [Available at the iTunes store for $2.99] If only it worked on Wall posts!

Let me know if you end up trying one of them!

[Telegram via Swissmiss; Cartogram via Design Sponge]

1 comment:

Anna Louise said...

That's awesome that you can still send telegrams! I love your example one; we need to remember that for when the right boy comes along . . .

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