Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspired By [School Days]

Every August, I can be heard saying "Yay -- We get to go buy school supplies! I love buying school supplies." And my boys look at me like I've all of a sudden turned into an alien lizard who just might eat them if they aren't careful. They think it's weird. The joy of labeling binders and organizing pencil boxes is lost on them. Don't you remember the excitement of a new desk and fresh erasers just ready to be marker-ed and glued? [Did anyone else do that? We always had them squirreled away in our desks: as the glue dries, it soaks up the marker colors/pattern, which provided endless entertainment.]

Friends, it's been a tough transition this year. First grade doesn't seem to have the same appeal as Kindergarten. I'm hoping that was all just the first week jitters, though, and that once the new routine is in place things will brighten up.

[Images: FIRST ROW: Milk Magazine Gallery; Library Pocket Journal from the Curiosity Shoppe; Bianca and Family. SECOND ROW: Moma Choco Tape Dispenser; Sweet Bella Chalk; Know-it-all Pencil set from the Curiosity Shoppe. THIRD ROW: Knot and Bow Classic Sticker Set; Small Magazine chairs; Jonathan Adler highlighters]

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