Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Happys

A quick post this week to say Happy Thanksgiving! I'm wrapping up orders before the holiday, but wanted to quickly share some T-day inspiration:

That table is so perfect, and that name card? How hilarious is that? I would laugh my bootie off [in a good way] if I walked in and saw that on a table. [Images from Country Living]

Those stools are amazing, and how cute are those little gumball name place things? [Left image from Country Living, Rightie from Martha]

If only our leftovers looked that chic! [Images from Country Living]

And this Thanksgiving party is adorable. Oh, owls. They get me every time.

I can't wait for some down time this week. No packing lunches, homework, studying for tests. And hopefully no drama, know what I mean? I sincerely hope that yours is a happy one!

PS: I know some of you out there have toddler girl gift ideas -- send them on!


LLH Designs said...

Love the leftover totes! About to eat some leftovers myself!


Sara Carolina said...

The old stand-bys are my suggestion. Her very own stroller, or grocery cart (which will be used for years!), doll, play sunglasses. I'm trying to think of what Isa was into at that age. She wasn't super girly. Big crayons that she can hold on to.

alston said...

thanks, sara! the stroller is a great idea -- we don't have one of those and i bet she would enjoy pushing it around. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

and linsey, hope the leftovers were yummy! that's one of my favorite parts about a big t-day meal!

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