Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Sunday night marked the first trip by the Tooth Fairy to our house!

We were getting everyone in the bath that evening, and we heard Henry call from his room "My tooth fell out!" I ran in and he seemed a little anxious? nervous? I wasn't sure what was going on because he had been waiting and wiggling for days now, and I didn't understand why he was ecstatic. The truth came out in the bath tub:

ME: So, were you just standing there and it just fell out?

H: Yeah. Well, no, I was sitting.

ME: And you just opened your mouth and it fell out? [starting to clue in that he was up to something]

H: [squirming a little] Well, not really.

ME: [clued in now] Were you eating candy when it came out?

H: Um, yes [nervously nodding his head]. I was eating a Starburst.

No wonder he was so edgy! All I could do was laugh. I was honestly glad that he had taken matters into his own hands and gotten the darn tooth out.

When he came running in Monday morning with his money, I remembered that amazing feeling of wonder. There's nothing quite so magical as waking up to money under your pillow. And thinking that a magical little person cared enough about your tooth to come to your house and give it to you.

Some questions for you other "Tooth Fairies" out there:

1. How much does the Tooth Fairy bring to your house? Henry came home saying kids at school were getting $10 -- WHAT!!! That's one rich TF. I told him that their parents must have supplemented the Tooth Fairy's income.

2. What do you do with the teeth? Is it weird/gross that I want to keep this one? I'm thinking I might just keep their first to fall out?

In other mouth news, wild woman over here is sporting her latest wound:

I think we may get her a face mask for Christmas.


Heather said...

we give those dollar coins, because they're novel. E won't spend them! I think more than a dollar is NUTSO!!!! (except maybe for a first tooth.) Too much pressured to keep up with the Jones' Tooth Fairy, I'd say, driving up prices. :)

PS I don't hate anyone who gives more, I'm less opinionated than I sound!!!

alston said...

oooh -- the coin is a great idea, heather! maybe we'll try that for the next one...

Anna Louise said...

I wonder what the going rate is? And, I think that you should definitely keep each of their first teeth at least; I still have some of mine somewhere in the basement at S & R's.

LLH Designs said...

We do 50 cent pieces (bigger than a silver dollar so seemingly more important), but sometimes a silver dollar. The girls have never complained. I keep the teeth in a little jewelry pouch.

One time, we forgot to do the tooth fairy thing. Such a disappointment to our kiddos. But they recovered. :)


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