Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School // 2011

The boys headed off to their first day of school today, officially a 2nd grader and a Kindergartner. We live close enough to walk, which is especially helpful since the school day starts at 7:45AM. That's actually the late bell. They have to be there around 7:30AM. That's a wee bit early for me. I'm more of a 9AM gal.

And S likes to take his time in the morning, so I was nervous about how this early thing was going to go for him. When he walked into his classroom and would barely look up to make eye contact, his teacher chuckled and said "You're not a morning person, are you?" There were no tears, but some decidedly not-so-thrilled little faces.

We couldn't just leave after those faces, so we loitered around their windows for a bit.

It was harder for me to take my 2nd to Kindergarten than my 1st. I'm not sure why. But it does make me wonder what it'll be like with the 3rd!


the dowiaks said...

hey alston! i'm most impressed at how fast you got your first day of school pics up! i mean really, i'm still processing the whole thing and you've got photos on the blog already! :)

you made me laugh b/c we had the "not-so-thrilled little faces" too. i did manage to get some smiles, but mostly fake smiles and not looking at the camera. ha!

i never knew it was harder to take your can that be?!

take care! h

LLH Designs said...

It was harder for me with my second, too! For me, it was the end of an era. The days with little ones at home were long, but the years were short (and are getting shorter!). Enjoy that baby girl!


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