Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stacks and Things

My house has been overrun with piles and stacks over the past couple of days.

Shambles, I tell you. I've been packing for a trip and trying to ship out all the orders that needed to be gone before I left. It's never easy closing up shop, but I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity.

Thankfully, I had this little helper to tell me "Ess you" whenever I sneezed. Toddler-ese will never get old.

And this little helper, too, who wanted to come along in my suitcase.

And this helper, too, who was around to ask me lots and lots of questions. Like for instance, do I know how tall Michael Jordan is?

I'm going to miss all my people when I'm gone. I don't think I've ever been this far away from all of them before. I'm sure I'll get over it pretty quick, though, when I'm strolling the 62 degree streets of San Fran! It's going to be a nice change from our hot and sweatiness.

I'll be away from the old blog for a bit, so cheerio for now!

[The studio will be closed from Aug. 3 - Aug 14th. I will be checking email sporadically, and you can also order anytime from my collection at Minted]

1 comment:

Anna Louise said...

Well, looks like someone is neglecting her blogs. I guess that you think that being out of town for two weeks counts as an excuse . . .

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