Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween // 2011

The kids had a blast trick or treating last night, as always. The boys were decked out in their full Star Wars gear and M was an owl. I don't know what it is about Star Wars, but both boys have been obsessed since they could first speak. Never tire of it. I'm not crazy about the so-called "blasters," but I know that even if they didn't have those, they would've found sticks and starting making the blasting noises themselves.

I made M's costume! It was totally easy, and I'm now completely obsessed with my glue gun. I don't sew [wish that I could and hope to one day!], so I got the idea for the shape of the feathers here and the glue gunning felt onto an existing outfit here. For the mask, I bought a foam one and cut out the felt shape to glue on top. She wasn't crazy about it being over her eyes, so for most of the night it was propped up on her forehead. I'm telling you, it took me one afternoon to make this, including a trip to JoAnn's for the felt.

She was a little more into things this year, and was completely fascinated by all the costumes. Sometimes she'd walk right up to someone in a scary costume, point at them and say "bad guy." So funny. I wish I had more pictures of the boys, but they were not interested in the camera or being still for one second. It was hard to keep up with them this year, running so fast from house to house!


Heather said...

ADORABLE little owl! I love it!!

Elisabeth said...

I love the costume, Alston! So precious--I'm totally impressed. I'm scared of making halloween costumes. I think it's the deadline that freaks me out:)

Kit said...

so cute, Alston! and great pics.

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