Monday, November 10, 2008

Circa 1958

For those in the area, the Ackland Art Museum currently has a fabulous exhibit called Circa 1958: Breaking Ground in American Art. I took the boys [they said kids were welcome, but I don't think they meant almost 3-yr-olds. Even though my boys were great and totally into it, they are kids, and I think the guards were very nervous with our presence!] and it was such a great art era for them - bold colors, abstract sculptures. Their favorite was a piece by Yoko Ono where you nailed a nail into a sheet of metal [part of it was to also tie a piece of hair around the nail - it did give me the heebie-jeebies to see a bunch of stray hairs hanging from nails, and there was also a side-note on the sign that said typically participants did not tie their hair on it!]

There is also a photography exihibit that I will go back to solo called The Fifties and the Anti-Fifties. It's composed of 18 photographs taken from Robert Frank's The Americans...

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