Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Looking for some fabulous mid-century modern furniture? Check out Lushpad, a buy and sell marketplace for modern collectors. Ads can be place for items that are being sold or for items people are looking for. This Herman Miller red rocking chair [above], for example, is listed as "Brand new and authentic - never used" for $550 CDN. The design of the site is clean and easy to navigate. Here's what the folks at Lushpad have to say about it:

Lushpad is a unique online marketplace and resource that is intended to provide a service that has been missing from the collecting community since Modern design crossed the threshold from everyday to vintage a few years ago. Authentic originals, licensed originals and unlicensed lookalikes all vie for our attention. Lushpad hopes to clear through the clutter and help people make beautiful homes and impressive collections.

Sounds like a place I'll be checking often "just to see what's out there!" Thanks, Melanie, for letting me know about your site!

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