Sunday, November 16, 2008


[Marc Jacobs, from Harper's Bazzar]

Fascinating. Really + Truly. I love watching people create, seeing what their world is like. It fascinates me. And Marc Jacobs is a creative genius, so watching him is mesmorizing. The movie Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton is a documentary about the world of Marc Jacobs. It follows him through the design and show of his own collection as well as his collection with Louis Vuitton. Are you a fan of Project Runway? Then you'd love the behind the scenes of this movie. Sleepless nights, sewing mishaps, protein bar eating, model fittings - it's all in there.

One thing in particular that I loved was how many times MJ would say things like it's really good + it's really ugly and is this so horrible that it's good or so horrible that it's horrible? and defects are good - we're celebrating them. It's true that when you are striving to design something new and different and unexpected that there is a fine line between ugly and beautiful.

And don't miss the bonus features - there are some good ones, including MJ's bird costume, driving MJ, the making of the LV cubist bag and a quiz...

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