Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MJ Ads

Since we are on the topic of Marc Jacobs, can we talk about his ad campaigns for a minute? I love how he pushes the envelope, how his ads can make you just a teensy-weensy bit uncomfortable. Let's take the Winona Ryder ads for example...he takes the seriousness of criminal shoplifting charges and adds an element of humor. He gets the ridiculousness of it - that this wealthy, beautiful, successful actress would be going into luxury department stores and stealing things. He creates an ad, that in my opinion, is at once serious and funny, that makes fun of her yet accepts her. Maybe it's that he gets at something about humanity - that we all have our flaws and we should accept them and move on. That sometimes we do stupid things - for whatever reason - but we can come out alright on the other side. I don't know, but I always look forward to seeing his ads in magazines because I know it won't be just another pretty face, but something that makes you think...or at least laugh...
[To me, this is like war of the bag or something...street fight over the new MJ!]

[I don't know what to say about this flasher-esque dude with the convertible and black ankle socks!]

[And, seriously, what is this about? Totally makes me laugh!]

What are some of your favorite ads?

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