Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last Friday, I went to the Minted meet-ups in Atlanta. The first was brunch at West Egg Cafe -- delicious food, retro-chic atmosphere, and most importantly, fabulous company.

And a crop of the new Minted tees adorned with amazing hand lettered cards by Sydney:

You know I'd love any place that had vintage school supplies on the table:

And Coke:

If I were going to gut my kitchen, I'd be tempted to do blue cabinets, marble countertops and a white subway tiled backsplash. Don't think I could pull off the open shelving, but I sure like the way it looks.

And it never hurts to have a cool-looking website:

That has a quote from The Great Gatsby on the home page, no less.

West Egg was also just featured in Rue Magazine:

So basically, it's a must go if you are in the ATL!

The second meet-up was at Bocado. We sat out on the back deck and enjoyed drinks and appies. They make a mean Gimlet. And the appies were yum, too.

Thanks to Minted for hosting these get-togethers -- for an independent designer who usually sit at my computer all day, it's nice to actual get out once in a while!


Neha said...

Hi Alston,

We are so thankful that you wrote about this! Mariam had such a wonderful time with all of you at this Minted Meet-Up and learning about your ideas and feedback about the Minted Community.

Neha Gupta
Community Relations Manager,

Elisabeth said...

I love that both of your meet-up spots were on the Westside. Those are two of our absolute favorites...what a fun thing to do!

Megg said...

Alston! I loved finding these photos on your blog. I was hoping somebody would post photos from the Atlanta meetup. P.S. I love your blog. You share some really inspiring stuff.

Marabou Design said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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