Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Play Pen

Did you have one? Growing up, we sure did. That's an 11-month-old me in the picture above, looking forlornly over our 1970's Playpen during my older sister's birthday party. It was a big square with mesh sides and that yellow oil cloth type fabric on the bottom and wrapped around the top rim.

My neighbor has mentioned on occasion -- those occasions where Maggie is performing one of her death defying acts, hurling herself off or onto something -- "You know, my mom used the play pen when we were little." It always makes me laugh because if I ever tried to put M into one she would scream her head off until I got her out -- or until she finagled a way to get herself out. Plus, they only make "Pack-n-plays" these days, which aren't the same. So, it made me smile when I saw this picture in Paper Maiche magazine:

The play pen is alive and well! If only I'd known this early enough to establish it. Although, I'm still not convinced that it would've worked anyway. And I do have to wonder if kids actually go in that one...doesn't seem likely from the pictures, but then what other purpose would that serve in the middle of a living room?!


Julie & Jack Perry said...

i for sure lived in one of these! i need to find some pics for you.

my granny tells me that she painted her entire exterior of her house with my mom and uncle in one when they were 1 and 1.5 years old.

story always followed need to get one for your makes life easier.

oh well...the one in paris looks lovely and kinda odd.

Anna Louise said...

Now they have those kind of make your own play pens that you just connect the baby gate panels together and out them right on the floor, which I have considered getting for Agnes to put outside. Do you think that neighbor's would mind? I'd probably have to submit something the Centex HOA, like we next door to the governor's mansion.

Heather said...

This is so funny! My mom talks about how she couldn't have survived with the 3 of us all so close together without the playpen. :) She even got one of the old-school ones from somewhere that she uses as an extra crib when all of the grandkids are around.

Super cute pic of you as a babe, Alston!

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