Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Picture Day

This is the outfit that I picked out for Spencer's class picture:

And here is the "special" outfit that he picked out:

Shall we see the outfits side by side?

And now, let me direct your attention to the size of the orange shorts:

They are his favorites. Well-loved for sure. I bought them for Henry [who is 7] when he was 18 months. That was 5+ years ago and they have been worn ever since as evidenced by the holes and fading.

Can you guess whose outfit won?

I actually think the outfit nicely offsets the faux rainforest setting in the background, no? And his teacher made the mistake of trying to comb his hair, too. I laughed when she told me that. The boy has too many cowlicks to ever get his hair in one specific direction! Really, though, I'll probably love the picture that much more because of these things and how it reflects the little man that he is. One of my favorite school pictures is of Reg wearing a t-shirt that says "Have you hugged me today?" Priceless. And I think his hair was sticking up, too.

So today, I can check "embrace imperfection" off my to-do list. Most of the time, imperfect is actually perfect, you know?

Be back soon with some pictures from our weekend!


Heather said...

This is just so awesome - the outfit, the hair. Quality stuff for high school graduation day, his future wife, etc. :)

That "combed" hair is the icing on the cake!

erika said...

i'm just catching up and cracked up. so stinking funny and CUTE. love it.

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