Friday, May 13, 2011

Color Collections

I'm so taken with these color collections by Kontor Kontur. The compositions, the colors, the shapes of all the different items -- it's all so intriguing. Plus the fact that they are largely made up of office supplies doesn't hurt either.

When we were little, we used to get those big ole Service Merchandise catalogs in the mail. My sisters and I would play this game in the toy section where you had to pick one toy from each page. That was the only rule: one item, each page. Even in the boy section, you had to pick one. So now I ask you:

If you had to choose one thing from each of the collections pictured here, what would you choose?

My answers: From the white, I would probably choose one of the stamps, because I heart a good stamp. That library receipt-looking pad was calling to me, but I'm going to stick with a stamp. And from the red one, I would have to pick that red stapler on the right. Although, it was hard to pass up that little hole punch.

[Images from Kontor Kontur; click over to the site to see many more color collection compositions. I spotted these on Poppytalk in a guest post by Lisa Congdon, who just recently published a book based off her wildly popular blog "A Collection a Day" that I posted about here. I've already ordered my copy! I think whatever it is that intrigues me about these is the same as what makes her collections so engaging.]

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