Friday, May 6, 2011

Twelve Kisses

Hey there, friends, and happy Friday! I'll leave you this weekend with a little collection of my grandmother's Mother's Day letters and Telegrams, the latter being the email of the 1930's, I guess. A big difference to me with telegrams, though, is that they are still tangible, and can be saved in a shoebox -- or a hosiery box as was the case with these. And one day maybe a granddaughter can stumble upon them and be so happy to have found a small piece of a different era. And then post them on her blog. Or whatever the platform will be in 80 years!

Some of my favorite parts:

--How on most of them, my grandmother [who is in the picture with her mom] signs with one of her nicknames "Jab" or "Sugar." We are big nicknamers, so I love this. I love knowing that those names were what her parents called her. And that a lot of people probably had no idea.

--"To the finest mother in all the world." I think we should bring back the adjective "finest."

--"Love is what I love you."

And lastly, my most favorite:

--"I am sending you twelve kisses."

Whether you are a mother or will be celebrating a mother or grandmother or sister who is a mother, I hope that you too will receive twelve kisses.



LLH Designs said...

I am loving this! What a treasure you have in these precious notes! And In the handwriting! Oh, let us not give up writing notes!


LLH Designs said...

P.S. I totally blanked on national letter writing month (April).

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