Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Love

It's Green Love, just in time for St. Patrick's Day! In my second design for the minted challenge, I wanted to combine a clean, modern pattern with lively text and color. The particular wedding I had in mind was an outdoor wedding, late afternoon in Spring. Here's my inspiration board for it:

And with a reply card:

*For some reason the green on the reply card is translating darker, but it would obviously be the same green.

The boys were excited to go to school today in their green. At one school, "leprechauns" had been up to a lot of mischief and there was glitter and gold coins everywhere. They had also left a big mess in the classroom and on the playground. The kids were so cute running around looking for "evidence!"

[Voting continues for this challenge! My designs can be found here, here and here; and check out the other talent there as well! Inspiration images sources clockwise from top left to right: martha; martha; snippet & ink; amy atlas; martha; snippet & ink; martha; amy atlas; martha; amy atlas]

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