Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My husband, aka Reginald Clark*, sent over this link yesterday morning. Oh. my. goodness. Be prepared for some teary eyes. It's a poem by Michael Milbern called To My Son's Girlfriend. He has written so beautifully what I feel about that whole thing -- you know, the whole boy/girl thing? The part where he writes "it's uncomfortable for me to think of anyone else loving him the way I do." Nailed it.

First of all, I cannot even imagine my boys ever having a - AHHH! I can't even say it, but you know what I mean - but secondly it is a big, gigantic fear of mine that they will meet someone that takes them away from us. I grew up in a house with all girls, and my parents pretty much can't get rid of us. Instead of leaving them, we just keep bringing more people into their house! But I've seen the opposite happen in some families, and it's so painful. It would break my heart. Anyway, I'll say my prayers that someone will come into their lives - a long long long time from now - and will cherish them as much as we do. And in doing that, maybe a tiny bit of that love will fall on the people that raised them!

*Not his real name, but we're nicknamers, and it always makes me laugh to refer to him by his real name, Ben. If I've done so in an email or post, he'll come home and say "Ben's home!" We've been through a lot of names, and they are always totally random, but Reggie D. has stuck around for a while.

[Photo taken by Laura Negri]


julie perry said...

hey a! you need to watch parenthood! i laughed harder than i have ever laughed before at the end of the 4th episode. i was almost in tears [about a girl having her first boyfriend and the dad meeting him] and then it was the best ending ever! it's my new favorite show! you'd love it!

alston said...

i haven't seen it, but i'm going to check it out now -- love at show that makes you laugh like that!

Trish said...

Aw geeze louise! I'm in a puddle. So precious, so true.

Anna Louise said...

heart breaker!

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