Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Picassos

There is an everyday dilemma at our house involving our kids' artwork -- to keep or to [gasp!] put in the recycling bin. And even the artwork I keep, I have a hard time preventing it from piling up undisplayed. There are some great ideas out there for displaying -- I just need to figure out which one would work for me.

I also really like Darby's bulletin board [also shown here] -- this may be a better route for me because I need something I can do quickly [rotating pictures in and out of frames isn't something I could see myself doing very often]. I also think the next time we are in the ATL I'm going to swing by Ikea and pick up some of these paper boxes -- the perfect size and an easy way to separate out each child's work. Plus, I'll find any excuse for getting more storage -- bins, boxes, baskets -- they all make me happy!

What's your criteria for what artwork to keep? And what do you do with it then?

[Images clockwise from top left: jan eleni on decor8; ohdeedoh; real simple; ohdeedoh; ohdeedoh; land of nod]


Esther Plaster said...

alston - i am in the same dilemma and actually this was a project i wanted to tackle today. i love the idea from soule mama of an art wire - just close pin the art to a wire that is stretched across your wall (nailed or tacked on either side). i did it in our home in newport and somehow forgot to do it here in monterey. since we have SO MUCH lovely art from my girls right now, i am going to put an art wire in each child's room & then one main one in the family room where we do school. thanks for the inspiration & motivation. give hugs to the three kiddos for me! praying for you all.

Anna Louise said...

I think you should hang a big bulletin board on the wall behind the island, and you could do the wire idea in the boys' room :)

the dowiaks said...

i need help with this too. i didn't think about doing this in the kids room so there's not really a space for it now and honestly i haven't kept much artwork. (i'm a terrible parent!) reese has caught me a few times saying "mom, you accidentally put this in the trash." oops! :\ i will show on my blog soon what i did with one of her paintings for valentines.

nkp said...

I love the Jan Eleni idea so much and have been keeping it in my memory bank for a long time. All of these images are fantastic and inspirational! At our house we have a homemade wire display in the older boys' room that I try to switch out occassionally. They are beginning to hang posters on it as well. We have another version in the basement playroom that doesn't get much attention. I also have a drawer where I store the really good ones from
school with plans of getting them framed someday. I only fear that by the time "someday" rolls around, the boys will be in college. Sigh. ;0)

nkp said...

Oh, and I have that great frames wallpaper in the bottom left corner, but I haven't figured out where to hang it yet. I'm embarassed to say how long I've had it. But it is so cute!

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