Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Big Night Out

If the phone rings at our house anytime after 8:00 pm, I wonder aloud "who could be calling so late?" But Saturday night, my friend and neighbor, Bev, invited me to go to dinner with her at the home of Maggie Taylor [some of her work pictured above] and Jerry Uelsmann [some of his work pictured below]. I think this was my first late night out since we moved here. I'm totally not kidding. Anyway, these two are incredibly talented artists/photographers, as well as kind, generous and fun people. We started the evening touring their studios and capped off the night singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" to the tune of their pianola. What could be better?!

Maggie also has an illustrated edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that is stunning. It's available for purchase at Modernbook. The images below are from her Almost Alice series.

It was a perfect way to be out past my bedtime!!


Esther Plaster said...

as i was looking at the gorgeous art i thought this reminds me of alice in wonderland - how cool that she actually did work for an edition of said classic. i wish i could go on a late night out sometime...with some cool artsy folk. maybe when we get to annapolis in a few weeks i will be able to have some time out - although i really do love to be out with graham, since it is so few these days.

Anna Louise said...

So cool! I want to meet them next time I"m in Gville!

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