Friday, March 12, 2010

A Laugh

When I need a laugh, I head over to Unhappy Hipsters and it always delivers. Why do I like it? I think it's because it reminds me not to take myself so seriously and to always be real with people. I also think it's because I really like the magazines the pictures are taken out of and the pictures themselves. In fact, one of them below is from a feature I posted not too long ago!

If you have some spare time this weekend, check it out!

In other news, we've got a garage sale/lemonade and bake stand going on in the morning -- it's going to be a huge feat if we get our act together before 8AM...

1 comment:

Chilly said...

thanks for sharing of this blog... i'm a sucker for witty comments. thus the friendship I had with your husband back in the day.

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