Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Delights

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to have my birthday parties at McDonald's. Until I was about 6 years old and realized that I could have ponies come to my house instead. I haven't had McDonald's in years, but I have such good memories of the place - Ronald and his big shoes, the bouncy cage things on the playground, the french fries. No McD's this birthday, but it was a good one. Slept in until 9:30 am [I can't believe that this is my definition of sleeping in now!] on Saturday, went to see Ghost Town [it was really good - heart-warming and hilarious], did a little shopping and lots of good eating [my parents brought up a cake from A Piece of Cake - the best cake ever]. And some sweet people gave me some sweet gifts...

[Earrings from give a penny. designs from ma mere and pere]

[A book on the making of Princess Di's wedding dress from Weez...I've always been intrigued with the British monarchy, and I remember asking my parents when I was little how I could become a princess and thinking it was totally unfair when they told me you were born into royalty.]

[And this beautiful paper from a new friend; she bought it at a store I have been meaning to check out called Toots & Magoo, but I've always had both boys with me whenever I'm in the neighborhood and they aren't the best shoppers. Now I just need to decide how to use it - oh, the possibilities!]

The boys went shopping as well, and I got a big bag of "mommy candy" [Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids] and magazines...a perfect gift.

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