Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Times Tidbits

Did you know that retired London subway cars have now become affordable work space for artists? Thanks to the Village Underground, who bought the cars from the London transport authorities, gutted and renovated them, and now rent them to artists for approx. $60 a week. Did I mention that they are on the roof of a warehouse, too? Such creativity, ingenuity, vision and resourcefulness - I love it! [read more here]

Speaking of creativity in re-purposing things, there was a feature on Wieki Somers, who likes to find the beauty in everyday things, like turning a boat into a bathtub.

Looking for an addition to your design library? Check out Modern Americana: Studio Furniture From High Craft to High Glam by Julie Iovine and Todd Merrill.

And lastly, I appreciated the page dedicated to dressing boys by Ellen Tien. Finding non-jersey, non-sports-related, not sloppy boy clothes are such a challenge, and there were some fun combos represented. I do wish, though, that the shoes had been listed as well. I'm all about the shoes. [To see the complete slideshow, click here]

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bootsy Collins said...

i love those subway cars! we gotta get us one...

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