Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Office Wonderland

Lately, my 4-yr-old has been drawing and writing like crazy. It's like he has discovered this new thing he can do and he cannot get enough of it. So, it got me thinking about making a place for him to "work." There are some amazing desks and shelving units out there that use some wonderful colors. If I had the space [which we currently do not] and lots of money to burn [which we currently do not], I would use these pieces to make an office wonderland...

[Sistemi by Cappellini, Bonluxat]
[Track by Mark Holmes, Established & Sons]
[Stack by Shay Alkalay, Established & Sons]
[BB2 set, available here]
[InModern's Ecotots Project Table + Stools, available here]

Even though our apartment and pocket book won't allow all these, I've found some good options for carving out a little space for him...
[Offi Sled Desk + Offi Doodle Desk, available here and here]

[P'kolino Children's Desk, available here]

so he can make more of these...

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Em said...

I love Henry's picture. It is so detailed.

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