Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy for Cardies

Ah, the cardigan. It's so nerdy and hip at the same time. I love them. I love that grandpas have been wearing them for decades and here they are all over the place for young and old. I tore out the image above from the Anthropologie catalog before we moved with plans to order, but then got totally distracted and didn't and now the cardigan isn't available anymore. Anyway, I just found the picture in one of my stacks and thought "I need more cardigans!" So, I've found some good ones out there...

[all from Anthropologie :: Looky-Here $106, Grandma & Grandpa $98, and Rising Sun $209]

[Theory :: Ange $345 and Gap :: The Belted Cardigan $39.99]

I bought the one from the Gap recently...I am planning to remove the belt loops and wear it sans the satin belt. Now, it just needs to get a little bit cooler around here!

And for the younguns, J.Crew's Crewcuts has some really cute sweaters, cardigans and sweater vests...

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