Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blurb All About It

I wrote about these gorgeous books a week or so ago, but here's another [cheaper] option for custom photo books - Blurb. I used Blurb to make a Christmas present for my parents last year [pictured above], and I am planning to make another one this year. The images + printing were great [although, this year I am definitely going to get a hardcover book instead of the softcover - the edges of softcover tend to curl-up and it bothers me] and it was relatively easy to make. I say relatively because if you wanted to customize a template [the font, font color, etc.], you had to do it for every page [I think they may have changed this since last year], so it took me a while to get it the way I wanted it.

One really great thing about Blurb is that you can "slurp" your blog, meaning the program will take all of the content [images and text] from your blog and put it into a book. Very cool. I figure each year I will just slurp my family blog into a book and there's our photo album for the year. No cutting, pasting, taping, or gluing involved. And they start at only $29.95* for a portrait size [8.5 x 11"] hardcover. It makes me happy just thinking about it.

*And if you order your book by 9/30, you can get $15 off your book purchase of $34.95 or more [enter code encore at checkout]!

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the dowiaks said...

girl, i LOVE good stock - they are beautiful! too bad i'm not in the category to purchase one of them. i still love admiring them.

i'm glad to know you have used blurb and are pleased with it. i've been thinking about the slurp thing for a while - very cool. bummer i missed the discount. :(

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