Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Times Tidbits

Lots of interesting things in the Times this Sunday...here are my top 4 morsels:

A biannual magazine called The Last Magazine, a play on all the talk that print media will soon become obsolete [may it never be!], will hit newsstands in October. The founders of the magazine describe it as a mix between newsprint and an art book, and want to use it to showcase new talent [artists, directors, designers, writers, musicians...]. The magazine will be over-sized, printed on refined newsprint. Being the magazine addict that I am, I will let you know when I spot it and what I think!

Ellen is the new face of the Cover Girl ad campaign, which will start running in January. I don't get to watch her show often, but I'm always laughing whenever I do, like the time she had Jenna Bush call her dad live from the show. So funny.

Parents in Amsterdam can be seen riding these bad boys. Holy Schmoly, how awesome is that?! It's like a foot-powered car on two wheels with cargo space and all!

And lastly, I learned that Houston is being called the new Miami. I know a lot of people think of Houston as oil and concrete, but there is a lot, lot more to the city than that. A vibrant arts scene, incredible restaurants and shops, an opera and ballet, etc, etc. The museums are awesome, partly because of all that oil money. And the restaurants, oh the restaurants...delicious and quirky all in one, like Cafe Brasil, where we used to walk to on Saturdays to read the paper [this was before we had a mobile youth!]. Anyway, I've never been to Miami, but Houston was already high on my list.

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