Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Naked Decor

While I was searching for the flag pillows, I came across Naked Decor. They have some really fun pillows [including the majesty/union jack one] as well as other home accessories. The dachshund items were some of my favorites. Maybe it's because my friend Suzanne had two of them in high school, and she always made me laugh when she talked to "Beau-beau" and "Malkie" [their full names were Beau and Malcolm. I'm a nickname person, so I get the whole nickname thing it just made me laugh because they would get so excited and wag half their backside around]. Anyway, my two favorites in this category are the Happy Hot Dog pillow [$49.95] and the My Pet Lamp: Dachshund [$59.95].

Another cool feature of the site is a house tour of the designer's house...[I think this is cool because I am nosy and I like to see where other people live.] I especially like the first bedroom pictured below...I would've never thought to paint the ceiling that dark color, but it has such a calming, quiet effect that I love. And with the wood floors...oh, how I miss wood floors!

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