Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Hints

Reggie keeps asking me for some hints on want I want for my birthday, which is this weekend. I keep trying to think of something small, you know, just a little token gift, but I keep coming back to these two things:

[Branch Twig ring, $675. It comes in silver, too, but I like the gold.]

[And a dog, preferably one like Bradley, my friend Emily's. He's a Yorkie, but not a little yippie one...don't want a dog that's too small with all the action around our house. You know who else has really cute dogs is Erika. They are terrihuahuas - so cute!]

Here's a fun fact: I had dropped the hint about a dog for my 25th birthday, and Reggie was looking into it, but then we found out I was pregnant - an even better surprise! We decided to wait a little while on the dog...still waiting...


Bootsy Collins said...

a dog hunh? sounds good to me!

Heather said...

Alston, that is a beautiful ring! What is it about how a piece of jewelry can seduce you? I'm partial to gems. :)

Hope you guys are well. Thank Henry for the picture. We decided it's him and Elizabeth, is that right?

Miss you!

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