Friday, July 18, 2008

A Box a Day?

Our house is becoming overrun with boxes. In every corner, along every wall there is a stack of boxes that we [well, mainly Reggie] have scavenged over the last few weeks. Thankfully, there are a lot of people moving into Cambridge in the summer, so we haven't had to look very hard. Now I just need to fill them! I get a little nervous when I look at them and realize that I have less than 3 weeks to pack the whole place up...plenty of time, right?! I keep thinking that maybe if I pack a box a day it won't be so painful. Then again, maybe it would be less painful to not drag it out and just go for it the last couple days. Yes, that's probably what I will do.

And to make my procrastination even worse, Aunt Weez [my sister] just sent me a box full [we're talking 15] of most favorite kind of package. I'm so glad that I have someone to share my magazine addiction with!

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