Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My New Moleskine

Utrecht sends out these 30% off coupons pretty regularly, and because they carry Moleskines, I always find myself in there when coupon time rolls around. I use their sketchbooks for all my ideas and doodles, but this time their 18-month calender caught my eye. I had been meaning to get a planner that I could take with me [because the calenders I really love are the month-at-a-glance ones that I can spread out on my desk and see everything that is going on] and I couldn't resist the soft black leather. I really like it so far. It goes from July 2008-December 2009, and has all sorts of information in it like dialing codes and time zones. Plus there are tons of "notes" pages, which I love.

And how could you not like a notebook that has a little insert that says "The history of a legendary notebook" and makes you feel like you're not just using any old notebook, but that Moleskine is "a reservoir of ideas...whose energy can be tapped over time." I'll take it!

1 comment:

erika mcpherson powell said...

alston! love a moleskine! i just got the postcard, checked out the website and found your new blog!!! this is so exciting! so happy for you and this new endeavor!!!!

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