Monday, July 21, 2008

Zippin' Around Town!

As of this weekend, I am officially a Zipcar member. I haven't driven a Zipcar yet, but I have my eye on a Mini Cooper convertible that I want to take to the beach! If you live in a city with Zipcar, and car sharing would realistically work for you, check it out...not only do you get to drive all kinds of different cars [which, for me, a person who gets bored with the same car and just likes cars in general that's a happy thing], but you never have to pay for gas [or insurance and repairs for that matter]. And there are some "green" benefits, too:

Each Zipcar replaces over 15 privately owned vehicles...

Older cars are replaced with new ones that have more stringent pollution controls.

Green space is preserved as fewer parking spaces are required to meet the driving needs of the same number of people.

Less strain on urban parking infrastructure — saving businesses, governments, and universities money.

Lower fuel consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and particulates.

And less congestion on the roads.

I'll keep you posted on how things go...still trying to work out for the times when I am by myself with the kids, how I am actually going to get to a Zipcar with 2 carseats and 2 kids in tow...any suggestions?!


mcbride and the ride said...

good idea, reg! rock on

bandelle said...

What a fantastic concept! I've never heard about Zipcar or anything like it. Have fun cruising around town.


Clare said...

A number of the larger US cities (Chicago, Philly, San Fran, Cleveland, Madison, Minneapolis) also have local non-for-profit car sharing organizations, which are another great option.

Sara Carolina said...

not surprisingly, there are no zipcars in texas!

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