Monday, July 7, 2008

A Fresh New Hand Soap

I had some time to look around Target the other day; specifically, I was looking for some new hand soap. I am fully willing to admit that I will buy a product just because of it's packaging. If it's a choice between two, the one with the most creative label wins. I have regularly used Method products because not only are they non-toxic, but they also have a clean design aesthetic that I appreciate. I noticed, though, next to the Method products a whole section of earth-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. Very exciting! I decided to try this J.R. Watkins hand's aloe + green tea, and the label names about 20 things you are "free of" by using it, such as "guilt free," "petrochemical free," and "anxiety free." Sounds good to me! And after using it for a couple days, I can testify to a pleasant hand-washing experience!

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