Thursday, July 10, 2008

Space Ghost?

Lately, I feel like I am in some alternate 1960's world...maybe it's the Holga pictures or maybe it's the fact that my son has been watching Space Ghost and Dino Boy. Have you heard of it? I hadn't, but we were at the library yesterday and he found it. My son has a slight obsession with bad guys - if he's going to watch something there had better be a bad guy in it or has he says, "I'll be mad." Luckily for me, this TV series does have bad guys, but in a totally wholesome 1960's kind of way [the series originally aired from 1966-1968]. Their laser guns make a little whirring sound when they go off and the only effect you see of their having been fired is a little force field around the person; no jarring sound effects or images of people writhing around. Such a relief to find something that feeds a 4-yr-old boy's need for adventure and battle and my not wanting him to be exposed to so much violence. If there is a little boy in you life who likes bad guys, check it out!

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