Friday, August 1, 2008

The Old Inn

We took an overnight trip to the Berkshires to try and soak in as much of New England as we can before heading south. The inn we stayed in was incredibly charming. It was built in 1760, originally as a stagecoach relay. They've done a good job of keeping the original flavor of the inn, but adding the extras that make a place enjoyable to stay. I'm all about creaky, wide-plank wood floors and narrow stairwells, but I'm also all about over-sized tubs and a high thread count! The restaurant in the inn is amazing as well, and if you come during the week, dinner and the most amazing blueberry muffins for breakfast are included.


Sara Carolina said...

Did the boys go w/ you?

julie perry said...

this reminds me of this little B&B we stayed at in canada the summer after we got married. i'll have to tell you my 2 funny stories about that place next time i see you!

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