Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aunt Weezie's, Part Two

Every time I see this bed I just want to jump on it!  It's always so fluffy and soft.  One of the major things that Anna Louise accomplished in this apartment is her compensation for the lack of architectural features.  The bead board in the main rooms helps add texture and interest, but the bedroom is seriously four walls with three small windows.  By going big with fabric and layering different textures the room now has depth, and it is warm and inviting instead of dull and boring.

[The secretary was my grandmothers and is one of Weezie's favorite pieces of furniture.]

Her favorite things in the room [besides the secretary]...

Rose Medallion vase she bought at Joseph Konrad Antiques

A remnant from her days as an art historian, the book Northern Renaissance Art...the cover painting is also one of her faves, Madonna and the Church by artist Jan Van Eyck.
[Her dog's middle name is "Van Eyck" after all!]

[Fabrics she would like to incorporate in the future]


Sara Carolina said...

Ok, Weezie's apartment is amazing. She needs to come to H-town to help me decorate my house. It needs some serious help! I love that secretary's desk as well.

julie perry said...

decorating sure does run in the wolfe genes! love her apartment!

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...

Would she be willing to help with my bedroom...please

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