Monday, August 11, 2008


[Anna Louise and her sweet dog, Agnes]

...Anna Louise Wolfe - my sister, auntie extraordinaire and talented interior designer!   By the time she was in first grade, she was moving things around my parent's house and telling my mom what to wear to her teacher conferences.  To this day, she'll walk into my apartment, move two things around and the whole place will look so much better.  My two favorite things about her style are the way she mixes fabrics and her use of small things - somehow her tabletops always look refined not cluttered.  These two things are, ironically, things I don't do much in my own house.  I like clean lines and cleared tabletops.  But the girl makes it work.  After a year and a half of grad school in Art History [where she realized her love of art did not translate into an academic career in art], she is currently working it at Interior Views, Inc. for designer Judy Bentley.  

I'm excited to show what Weezie has done with her basement apartment.  I wish I had "before" pictures because it was an awesome transformation.  Here's a sneak peek...

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