Thursday, August 28, 2008

New School Shoes

Growing up, we always got a new pair of shoes for the new school year. There was nothing like getting to wear those shoes out the door of the shoe store, and it was always so exciting for me. My boys don't really care that much about it - at least not yet - but it is still fun for me to get them new shoes for the school year. The tricky thing is that I don't want to spend a lot of money on them, seeing as they will inevitably get destroyed [as well they should] with all their activity, but I still want them to look good. So this year, I got my 2-yr-old a pair of navy blue Keds [probably the last year I can get away with Keds; there is something so stinking cute about a wild little boy running around in lace-up Keds] and my 4-yr-old a pair of black velcro Converse All-Stars [he put his crocs on by himself all summer, so maybe, just maybe he can master the velcro!] The Keds are $20 and the Converse $25 [I know you can get cheaper shoes, say at Target, but I've found that these brands hold up a lot better].
[Scooter Keds]

[Converse Kids' All Star 2 Strap]


anna louise wolfe said...

Those are cute Bee! I'm w/ you on the shoes you wear every day needing to be a little nicer in quality b/c they do hold up a lot better. For example, if I need a pair of classic black shoes to wear to work almost every day, then I'm going to go with say Tori Burch's, but if I'm just looking for something cute and trendy to wear maybe 5 or 10 times this season, then the $25 pair from Old Navy will do . . .

anna louise wolfe said...

Also, I totally miss mom buying me new shoes each fall!

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